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CRM for Marketing

Productivity Series – #3

We are back again in 2016 and this is the first of the Productivity Series for 2016.

In the last article, we look at CRM & ERP integration. In this article, we’ll look at how our Marketers are using CRM to increase their Productivity.


CRM for Marketing


The Smarter Buyer

The Internet-Of-Things (IOTs) world is here and it is impacting how companies need to engage with customers. Customers are 57% of the way through the buying cycle before they engage with you. Recent study has shown that (potential) customers would have done their research and when they knock on your door, they are pretty aware of the product and (perhaps) market prices.


Our Marketers need to be there early with the (potential) customer, ensuring that when the customer does reach out to you, Sales, Marketing and the (potential) Customer are all on the same page. Don’t wait till they come to see you, you could very well be the Column-Fodder.


Marketing owns more of the customer journey than ever before, so they must engage customers in new ways, across new channels in a personalized, relevant way. At the same time, marketers are being held increasingly accountable for the ROI of their marketing investment. Sadly, most lack the ability to track campaigns end-to-end and understand impact in real-time.


Study has shown that more than 50% of Chief-Marketing-Office (CMO) feel unprepared for the new marketing landscape.


So, how do we engage with today’s Multi-channel-and-Smarter Buyers? You need to understand what matters most to them and help them get to the truth that they seek. Quickly and consistently.


The Smarter Marketer

Dynamics CRM Marketing can help Marketers through several ways, such as:

1. Marketing Campaigns – Creation and Monitoring

Use standardised Marketing Templates to create and monitor the Marketing Campaigns. This way, Marketer minimises any missing activities and at the same time, can track and further analyse which campaigns are more successful.


2. Digital Marketing – Using Pre-Defined Templates

This is just one of the Marketing Channel to build your brand and to reach out to (potential) customers. It is inevitable that this Digital Marketing channel is a no-brainer.


3. Social Listening – Crawl the Social Media and Start Listening

Everybody is on Social Media nowadays and they will be saying something about yours and your competitor’s products, company and anything that goes on, on Social Media. Imagine is you can Listen to Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc.. and analyze what people are saying – in different languages even. You read them and the market even before they start knocking on your door.


4. Sales Collaboration – Feed Marketing-Intel to Sales

These Market-Intel can help to transform your Sales team into a Trusted Adviser for your (potential) customers. Everybody loves your Sales team who has all the information, market, products, competition etc..


Are you ready for CRM Marketing?


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