– CRM for Marketing Part II

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CRM for Marketing Part II

CRM for Marketing

Productivity Series – #4

In the last article we outlined the Internet-Of-Things (IOTs) has provided the Smarter Buyer all the tools and information necessary for their purchase, even before they speak to any supplier. Customers are 57% of the way through the buying cycle before they engage with you.

We also outlined how to be a Smarter Marketer to engage with the Smarter Buyer at an early stage of the sourcing and evaluation.

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the Smarter Marketer tool-set to attract any serious buyers to them.


The Smarter Marketer


Dynamics CRM Marketing can help Marketers through several ways, such as:

  1. Marketing Campaigns – Creation and Monitoring


Promote your business, expand your reach to new customers, and improve sales by using campaigns in CRM. Use campaigns to store all your marketing information and activities, and to measure the success of your efforts. Campaigns contain planning tasks and campaign activities you need to manage for the marketing campaigns


Add strategic campaign information to your campaign, such as:

  1. Budgets and expenses
  2. Promotion codes
  3. Target products
  4. Marketing collateral, including sales literature
  5. Target marketing lists


Which Marketing Campaign works best for you?


2. Digital Marketing – Using Pre-Defined Templates


Dynamics CRM offers a time-saving Document Generation tool which provides flexibility for Smart Marketer to create pre-defined templates in Microsoft Word and Micro Excel – Use It.


3. Social Listening – Crawl the Social Media and Start Listening


Go, run and activate Social Listening onto Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc.. and analyze what people are saying – in different languages even. You read and hear them even before they start knocking on your door.  Is your Brand and Company on the right track?


4. Sales Collaboration – Feed Marketing-Intel to Sales


All the information gathered will reside on the same database. Does the Smart Marketer need to do anything extra?, Nah, the information is all there and it is easy to pass the sales cycle to the Sales Team to bring in the contract.


Stay Tune for more