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– NAV 2016 Events and Subscriptions

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Productivity Series – #6

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 introduce Events; a proven and established programming concept that make application upgrade easier and limit the need of codes customization on standard object.

There are multiple purposes can be used on events, such as generating notifications when the state of an entity changes or certain behavior occurs, distributing information, and integrating with 3rd party system or applications. Some examples of events are ready in demonstration database where used on Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration and extensively for workflow.

Below are some good examples on explanation of events:-

  1. Event – Let’s say we have a Facebook page and linked it to our Blog. Whenever there is new article posted on our Blog, Facebook page get updated as well.
  2. Subscriptions – If readers like our published articles, they’ll subscribe our Blog or our Facebook page to get updates of our latest article.
  3. Subscriber can now taking action against occurred event based on their wish, such as comment, ignore, share, like, report or read.

NAV Extensions

We can extrapolate this to Dynamics NAV with the same concept; when we post a Sales Order, the system will go thru several processes, such as validations, updating various Tables and finally post the Sales Order to the relevant Tables:-

In the past, where we need to add additional Business Rules, we will need to perform code customization on those places with red asterisk.

With NAV Events and Subscription, we’re now able to call our customized code from other places without modification on standard codeunit. Thus, this will keep our customize code in a separate place without touching on standard object is now possible.


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