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– Dashboards and Charts in NAV 2016

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NAV 2016 comes with a set of standard Dashboards and Charts and you can easily build more.

Section A: Create a Generic Chart

Below are the steps of create a chart based on Vendor table to show Vendor Purchase vs. Balance.

i. Navigate to Department > Administration > Application Setup > RoleTailored Client      > Generic Charts.

ii.Click on NEW to create a new Generic Chart.

iii.Enter the values as shown below:Source Type = Table

  • Source ID = 23 Vendor
  • X-axis = Vendor Name
  • Y-axis = Purchase (LCY) & Balance (LCY)
  • Graph Type = Line & Column
  • Filter = Balance (LCY) value is <>0

iv.Click on OK at the bottom to complete the design.

Section B:  Add Chart to RoleTailored Client (RTC)

Steps to add chart to RTC

  1. Go to Home page (Role Center)
  2. Click on Blue button at the top left
  3. Select Customize
  4. Select Customize This Page
  5. Add Chart Part to the Role Center Layout
  6. Select the Blank Chart > click on Customize Part > Select chart → Vendor
  7. Click on OK

Now user can see the chart part (Vendor Purchase and Balance) in RTC.

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