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Call Scripting

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Yes or No to Call Scripting



Call scripting is one of the “hot topics”, primarily because there are so many opinions on the subject. There are many in favour of call scripting, while many remain against it.

A script can be a helpful starting point to answering an incoming call. Especially with new employees, it’s important that they learn the ins and outs of what the business does. While script reading may appear to have a variety of benefits, disadvantages exist as well. Highly scripted employees may have lesser insights about a customer’s true needs.
Script reading will be less conversational and engaging.
A bullet-point version of a call script can be useful to keep on hand.
Fully developed scripts may lead the employees to simply read it rather to fill in any additional information on their own.
From the customer’s perspective, reading directly from a script comes across as not having product knowledge and therefore, not helpful in addressing their problem or issue.

Once script is learned, only allow a bulleted list of key points. Each persons must be flexible with each client, own product knowledge and personalise the conversation.

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