NAV 2017 Integration with Dynamics CRM Online

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NAV 2017 Integration with Dynamics CRM Online

This post contains step-wise guide on how to integrate Dynamics NAV 2017 with Dynamics CRM Online (Dynamics 365).

Please make a note of your Dynamics CRM URL and user account details. These details will require at the later stage of configuration.

To get started, you need to import Dynamics NAV integration solution to CRM.

Step 1: Go to Settings of CRM

Step 2: Click on Solution to open the solution window of Dynamics CRM

Step 3: Click on the Import button on the Solution window to open the import wizard

Select the solution from the import solution wizard, it’s normally placed in the installer path NAV2017 Build 10.0.14199 CU 1 W1\New folder\CrmCustomization

Step 4: Once the solution is selected then click on Next

Step 5: Verify the solution details are correct and click on Next

Step 6: If you want to enable any SDK messages processing steps include in the solution then tick the check box. Click on Import to continue.

Step 7: The solution will start to import. Wait for the process finish.

Step 8: Once the process finished, check for any errors and if there is need to correct those.

Click on Close after checking the details of imported solution.

You may now find it in the listed solutions of Dynamics CRM.

Once the solution import is completed in the Dynamics CRM, we need to setup Dynamics NAV for integration.

To config Dynamics NAV, we need to navigate to CRM Connection Setup page where located at Department -> Administration -> IT Administration -> Services -> Microsoft Dynamic CRM Connection Setup

Step 9: Enter the Dynamics CRM URL which you noted down previously.

Step 10: Enter CRM login account name

Step 11: Enter CRM login account password

Step 12: Click on Test Connection to test the connection details

If you are using Dynamics NAV 2017 version, you have the new option which will help to setup Dynamics CRM connector. This assisted setup is a wizard which will take you through all the main steps to complete the setup.

Step 13: Click on Assisted Setup and go through the steps to complete setup

Click on Enable check box to enable CRM Connection.

Once the connection is enable it will show scheduled jobs which liked with Dynamics CRM.

Setup Dynamics NAV Web Service URLs. If URLs are not setup by yet you need to manually add the URLs to setup or you can use Reset Web Client URL option. It will populate required URLs into the setup.

Once the above steps are completed, you’re almost complete all the CRM connection setup. If you required to change the synchronization data flow direction, tables, fields then it required additional steps.

To test the integration, we may try to synchronize the customer master with Dynamics CRM.

Step 1: Navigate to Customer List

Step 2: Select a customer you want to synchronize to Dynamics CRM

Step 3: Click on Synchronize Now on the Navigate, and it will open a window with different options.

Step 4: Check Create New check box

Step 5: Click Ok

Open Dynamics CRM window and check on the Accounts. You will be able to see the customer which we synchronize through Dynamics NAV.

Scheduled jobs will synchronize setup integrations tables and if there is any errors it will show up in the CRM integration setup window.

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