Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 – Create Item from Description in Sales & Receivables Setup

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Target Audience: NAV User, Functional Consultant

Applied to Area: By enabling this option in Sales & Receivables Setup, user can create new item by adding description on Sales Quote lines, Sales Order lines or Sales Invoice lines.

Benefit: Ease user can create new item by using description and use it for transactions.

In NAV 2017, there is new parameter “Create Item from Description” has been added in Sales and Receivable Setup.

1) Go to Sales and Receivables Setup and enable Create Item from Description field.

2) When user enter description in Sales quote lines, sales order lines or sales invoice lines for item which is not exist then system will give pop up to create new item or select an existing item.

You select Item as the Type in sales document lines, then you enter a description that does not exists in the item list in the no. field and tab out.

  • Create new item from Sales Quote line.

  • Create new item from Sales Order line.

  • Create new item from Sales Invoice line.

3) When you select Create a new item card, system will open template for new item. Select template and click on OK.

4) New Item will create based on item templates. User can specify other fields in Item Card which are required.

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