Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Nonstock Item

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Nonstock Item

Target Audience: NAV User

Applied to Area: Sales/Purchase/Inventory module

Benefit: Usage of nonstock items in business environment

This feature covers the functionality for the business operation where nonstock items in buy/sell operation process and its limitation.

Nonstock Item

In business environment, the company sells items but does not carry in inventory can manage with Nonstock Item in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This nonstock item can be:

  1. Item sells to customer does not handle, stock or deliver by you and it shipped directly from the vendor.
  2. Specially purchase a nonstock item from your vendor to a customer.

Nonstock Items in Sales

  1. Create a new Sales Order.
  2. At Sales Lines, Type = Item.
  3. Go to Lines Functions Nonstock Items.

  1. At Nonstock Item List, select a nonstock item into Sales Order.

  1. Nonstock item is inserted into Sales Order.
  2. Update Quantity field based on customer’s order.

  1. Usually nonstock item will not keep with inventory. Select Drop Shipment for the Sales Order Lines.
  2. The Sales Shipment of nonstock item in Drop Shipment will be posted automatically once Purchase Receipt is posted.
  3. Post the Sales Order to Sales Invoice after nonstock item shipped.

Nonstock Items in Purchase

  1. Create a new Purchase Order for Drop Shipment.
  2. Fill up Sell-to Customer No. at Invoice Details fasttab.

  1. At Actions ribbon, perform Get Sales Order function for Drop Shipment.

  1. Pick the nonstock items in Sales Order into Purchase Order.

  1. The nonstock item is inserted into Purchase Order.

  1. Post purchase Receipt for the Purchase Order.

  1. Once the nonstock item is received. The system will create it as an inventory Item in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

  1. Process the posting of Purchase Invoice from Purchase Order as normal practice.

NOTE: Similar process of nonstock items buy/sell for Special Order scenario. The only different is, Sales Shipment of nonstock items will not posted after Purchase Order Receipt is performed. User is required to post Sales Shipment from Sales Order separately.

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