Microsoft Dynamics NAV (RTC Version) System Indicator Function

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV (RTC Version) System Indicator Function

Target Audience: NAV Users, Functional Consultant

Benefit: Ease user to differentiate between companies

When you are working within several different companies it’s easy to get mixed up and unsure of which company you are currently in. This can lead to posting being done in the wrong company. The “System Indicator” in NAV provides a color coded identifier which can assist you quickly differentiate between companies to make it easier to know which company you are currently working in.

You can enable and configure the System Indicator functionality from the Company Information page in NAV.

Go to Department > Administration> Application Setup > General >Tasks> Company Information.

From the System Indicator FastTab on the following page, you can determine how you would like to identify the company and an accent color which will be used.

In the System Indicator field, specifies how you want to use the system indicator, there are 6 options available:

  1. None
  2. Custom Text: The System Indicator Text field will become editable, allowing you to enter a value of your choice; the field supports up to 250 characters, but it is best to keep it as short as possible.
  3. Company Information: This will use the value in the Name field under the General FastTab of the Company Information page
  4. Company: The name of the company as it appears in the Companies page or from the Open Company window
  5. Database
  6. Company + Database

The last two options are especially helpful if you have two or more databases, such as a live database, a test database and a development database.

The choice of accent color is defined in the System Indicator Style field. There are 10 options to choose from, as below:

  1. Accent1: Red
  2. Accent2: Blue
  3. Accent3: Fluorescent Green
  4. Accent4: Olive Green
  5. Accent5: Purple
  6. Accent6: Black
  7. Accent7: Yellow
  8. Accent8: Green
  9. Accent9: White
  10. Standard: None

Once you’ve set the values in the System Indicator and System Indicator Style field, you will need to exit and restart the NAV client (or switch to another company and back).Now you can see the company name in the Navision will be filled with the accent selected.

Besides, the indicator will be updated to taskbar when you hover the mouse to the window as well.

Repeat the process for each company in the database.


  1. This function is only available in RTC version of Navision.
  2. System Indicators are only available with the Windows Client. The Web Client, Tablet app and Phone app do not currently support this functionality.

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