How to Add and Remove Extensions in NAV 2017 with Development Shell and Client

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Add and remove extensions in NAV 2017 would require a combination of the NAV 2017 client and PowerShell commands. The stages are:

  • Published – it is available in your system
  • Installed – fully activated

Publish and Install

To publish a NAV-APP, save your extension in a location such as “C:\Extensions\”. Then hold the shift button on your key board and right click your extension and click on “Copy as path”. This will copy the whole path link.

Launch “Dynamics NAV 2017 Development Shell” as administrator.

Enter the commands:

Publish-NAVApp -Path ‘<NAVX File Path>‘ -ServerInstance <Server Instance Name> -SkipVerification


Publish-NAVApp -Path ‘.\NAV Extension\Item Tracking User Define\Item Tracking User Define (’ -ServerInstance Extension2017 -SkipVerification

Press Enter and wait until cursor reappear, restart your NAV client then navigate to Extension Management.

You should now see your App available in extension management.

Click Install and follow the instruction to complete the installation.

After the installation, a notification message should prompt out. Restart your NAV client to see the effects.

Uninstall and Unpublished

Go to Extension Management, select the correspond Extension then click Uninstall.

Wait until the process completed.

Launch “Dynamics NAV 2017 Development Shell” as administrator and enter below commands.

Get-NAVAppInfo -ServerInstance <Server Instance Name> -Name <App Name> -Version <Version No.> | Unpublish-NAVApp


Get-NAVAppInfo -ServerInstance Extension2017 -Name ‘Item Tracking User Define’ -Version | Unpublish-NAVApp

The extension will be uninstalled and removed.

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