Incoming Documents – How to attach and view documents to the ‘Posted Purchase Invoice’ page

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 – Incoming Documents – How to attach and view documents to the ‘Posted Purchase Invoice’ page.

Target Audience: NAV User, Functional Consultant

Applied to Area: Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s Incoming Document help users to efficiently upload and reference outside documents within NAV system. Incoming Documents may be attached to unposted documents or journal lines and follow the posting to the resulting entries throughout NAV, notably posted documents and ledgers.

Benefit: To ease user easy to have a reference for outside supporting documents or bills in NAV system.

Below are steps the on how to attach and view documents to the Posted Purchase Invoice page. Please note that the process is the same regardless of the page.

1) In the Posted Purchase Invoice page, click Attach File in the Incoming Document Files Fact Box.

2) Select your document by browsing the file location, choose the file/pictures and click on it to Open.

3) You can refer the attached document or picture within the Fact Box.

4) To view the file, click on the File from the Fact Box.

  • An alert message will prompt as below:

  • Click on Open, to view the supporting document or pictures that attached for the document.
  • Click on Save, to save the documents or pictures.

5) When selecting “Incoming Document” from the Fact Box, it will open a window that shows the file as well as providing the date the document was attached and by what user.

Note: The Incoming Documents will be accessible to any line that contains the document no. and posting date combination. Therefore, for the incoming documents that are attached from Ledger Entries, it can also be seen in the Posted Sales/Purchase Documents.


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