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Target Audience: NAV Users, Functional Consultant

Benefit: Retrieve the missing departments listed in the Department list.


There is a little-known feature in NAV 2017 which is used to simplify the product by hiding UI elements for features that you do not use.

It is in the Company Information screen, with the Experience field which allows drop-down selection of “Basic” or “Suite”

Once this field filled with value, you will encounter missing information, such as:

1. All the information from Role Tailor Center is no longer available.

2. Some of the departments are missing.

3. Unable to search some pages from the Search Bar.

Please do not select anything into this field without knowing the proper usage of this field.

There are other ways to enhance your UI experience.

If you accidently filled up this field, here’s how to deactivate the settings to “recover” all the missing information.

To retrieve all the “missing information”, you need to remove the value of field Experience in Company Information screen. Here’s how to perform it:

Go to Departments> Administration > Application Setup > General > Application Area.

Uncheck all the application areas in the page and click OK to close the window.

A message will be prompted to instruct user to log out from NAV and login again to activate the changes.

Now you may have you Role Centre information and departments back right after re-login to your NAV.


  1. This setup is only available in Navision 2017.

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