Item Cross-Reference in NAV 2013 & Above

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 & Above – Cross Reference – Setup Item References No for Customers and Vendors.

Target Audience: NAV User, Functional Consultant

Applied to Area: Sales Process and Purchase Process

Function: Associate customer or vendor item number with own internal item number

Description: It is common that our own Inventory Item-no will be different from our Customer-item-no or Vendor-item-no, likewise the item-description may also be different.

There are times, when we want to raise a PO to our vendor, we may have to use the vendor-item-no and likewise when we want to raise a Sales Quotation, we may have to use the customer-item-no.

There is a method in NAV where you can associate the vendor-item-no and customer-item-no to our own Inventory-item-no – this is done through the Item-Cross-Reference to “tag” our Inventory-item-no to the Vendor-item-no and Customer-item-no and associate item-description.

By doing so, we can raise PO and SQ using the vendor-item-no and customer-item-no together with their description.

Setup Cross-Reference

Below are steps the on how to setup Cross-Reference for Item.

1) In the Item page, click Cross-References to enter setup page.

2) Cross-Reference setup page

       i) Cross-Reference Type: Define Customer, Vendor or Bar Code

      ii) Cross-Reference Type No: Select Customer No or Vendor No

     iii) Cross-Reference No: This can be the same number as the item number or if that Customer or Vendor has a different reference.                 (Max 20 characters)

      iv) Unit of Measure: This is the Unit of Measure that the customer buys of the item from customer or purchase from the vendor

      v) Description: Enter the description of Item. This Cross Reference description will replace Item description in Sales Line or

Purchase Line.


Remark: Below example are using Sales Order due to above setup is using Customer. Cross-Reference are affect in all Sales Process and Purchase Process based on Item Card’s Cross-Reference setup.

  1. Create a Sales Order.

    – Input Customer and related information.

  2. In Sales Line, Cross-Reference have two function:- Enter Customer own Item code into Cross-Reference No field, and sales lines will auto capture NAV Item information

    – Item’s Description replace by Cross-Reference’s Description.


  1. After posted to invoice, Posted Sales Invoice will capture Sales Line’s Description.

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