Customize your Published Report in Acumatica Report Designer

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This article is explaining on how to edit/customize Acumatica reports using Acumatica report designer tool. Generally, it takes few steps like below. It will help consultants, application users to edit some simple changes with minimum programming skills.

1.Download published report

Open your deployed Acumatica web application and browse you report page which required to customize. By clicking EDIT REPORT button you can download the report file to your local computer.

2. Edit download report

After download report file you can customize it using Acumatica Report Designer tool. You can download Acumatica designer from their website. Upon double click the report file will require user credential to open. You can use the same URL and login credential which you used for Acumatica web application.

Note: If you have multiple company you must use @intancename after your loginID. If there is only one company @intancename not required.

3.Customize Report

To edit report, you need to connect to Acumatica objects by going File -> Build schema on menu.

By click load schema button you should see something like below

The items listed on the left-hand side are called Data Access Classes (DAC). You can choose more than one to combine them in your report. Acumatica report designer look below make necessary changes then save the report back to Acumatica server for users to use.

4. Save Customized report into Acumatica

Use the File -> Save To Server menu option to save report into the Acumatica server

Upon clicking Save To Server system will prompt below screen for user credentials.

You can save as new version with version description by click the Checkbox Save as new version.

Acumatica will automatically pick the latest version for user.

5. View Report Version in Acumatica

Acumatica report version histories will be displayed in ever report page under tab report versions like below

There is your first customize report in Acumatica Report Designer.


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