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Customized Package functionality is required only for specific group of users. There is a way to add in an official customization to the standard product which many users don’t aware of this. The user able to generate customize package and install to Acumatica Customization.

Customized Package are helpful for the Acumatica users. For example:

  1. As for the value-added re-seller (VAR), this can be useful to deliver end-user customization which might be very specific for the user. Moreover, customize package having custom reports, data filters, and configure generic inquiries for user.
  2. As an independent software vendor (ISV), this can help develop vertical solution and add-ons to the core functionality of the system. In another word, customize package can be modify according to the business logic.

All of this customize feature must be installed and published in Acumatica. This article is to share the basic tips on how to install customization package to Acumatica.

Steps to install customization:

  1. Find Customization project (SM.20.45.05) form to upload and publish.
  2. On the toolbar in form, click ‘Import’ then click ‘New Project’ in submenu.
  3. Select the deployment package (.zip file) then Upload.


After uploaded the file.

  1. Tick for the project which you want to publish.
  2. Click on the ‘Publish’ button on the toolbar to initiate the publication and wait unit the process finishes. Lastly, click on the ‘Publish’ button inside the dialog box.


Here is all about the install a customization package in Acumatica. Thank you.

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