User Task List In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 & Dynamics 365 BC

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV (BC) User Task List

Target Audience: NAV Users & Functional Consultant

Benefit: Ease user to assign and monitor the progress of the tasks

User Tasks is a new feature published in Dynamic NAV 2018 and Dynamics 365 Business Central (known as BC) which allows user to setup and track tasks to be completed. The tasks can be created for the user or assign to other users.

With this feature, users would be able to enter the frequency of the occurrence instead of adding in the task manually for every single occurrence of the tasks.

When a task is assigned to a user, it will show in their Role Center. From Role Center, user able to check the task list easily and able to work more efficiently.

By following the steps below, user able to setup User Task List.

Go to Department > Administration> Application Setup > User > User Tasks.

From the User Tasks page on the following print screen, the user can create new user tasks by clicking New from the Ribbon.

Fill the user task information’s in User Task Card as per below.

Furthermore, user able to assign the task to recur by clicking “Recurrence” from the ribbon User Task Card.

Fill in the recurrence information in the window and click OK to proceed.

The task will be automatically added to the user task list and the overdue tasks will be showing in red colour.

For the user who was assigned to the tasks will be able to access the task list from Role Centre.

By clicking on the cue, user will be able to view all the task which was assigned.

The user may update the task by editing the field Complete % in the task card.

Perhaps, the user may also directly update the task as completed by clicking on the button Mark as Completed in the Ribbon and the Complete % will automatically update the value of 100 then remove the task from the list.

After update the task as completed, the number of tasks in the cue will be updated as well.


  1. This function is only available in Navision 2018 and BC.

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