Construction players must embrace Technology

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Construction News Tuesday 29-Oct-2019 11:21am

The Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) wants to change the mindset of construction players to embrace technology and digitalisation.

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The article wrote that President Foo Chek Lee said at the MBAM Building and Construction Conference 2019 on Tuesday 29-Oct-2019 that “the construction industry has always been known for being slow in adopting technology changes … while other industries have adopted the use of digitalisation for their beneficial development, the construction industry is yet to fully embrace it”

The use of digital technologies has gained more awareness today as more industry players are paying attention to building information modelling (BIM) system. BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based process that provides construction professionals the insight and tools to efficiently plan and design buildings and infrastructure.

The move toward digital transformation is also about making full use of modern technologies in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for the organisation. Making the big decision to move to a new ERP platform has measurable positive impact on the business performance.

Why companies put off the decision to implement or upgrade to cloud ERP ?

Deciding on the correct system that provides the best functionality, technology and usability can be a challenge. Buying a new ERP system is a major investment; tearing out an existing system and replacing it with a new one is an expensive decision.


Surprisingly, there are still companies that do business without an ERP system in place or with just an Accounting system with spreadsheets flying around.

In a recent survey, Aberdeen Group found that the lack of ERP is holding these companies back in many ways with 35% of respondents said that having no ERP caused redundant data in their organizations. One-third said their business systems can’t interact with one another, and 28% admitted that their system can’t track their company’s business processes.

The bottom line? Once your company reaches a certain size, you’ll need to implement an ERP system, such as Acumatica’s, to reach your full potential. There’s no reason to wait. The Cost of Doing Nothing is very expensive.

A well-design and user-friendly cloud ERP software helps your organisation quickly realize improvements in internal business processes and overall business performance. They also reduce labour costs, IT expenses and improve interactions between staff and companies. Basically, a faster ROI on your software investment and maximizing the productivities within your organisation.

 A modern well-design and user-friendly cloud ERP software will have the following characteristics:

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