How Profile Questionnaire function in NAV assist for grading your existing Customers/Vendors

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Target Audience: NAV Users

Applied to Area: CRM, Sales & Purchase Module

Benefit: System will automatic update the Contact Profile by answering the Question in the Profile Questionnaire based on the contact, customer, or vendor data. It is useful for those companies who wants to analyse their clients data based on the transaction volume and amount, eg: user can classify business contacts according to the quantity purchased by the customers.

Expected Result: User is allow to overview the Customer Grade/Level in the contact card based on the Sales for Current Month, Last Month, Current Year and Last Year.

Why it is Important to Grading our existing Customer?

We know that it takes six (6) times more effort and resources to retain an existing company than to acquire a new customer. Be with an existing customer or trying to acquire a new customer, it is essential to know your client, we can do this by collecting as much data as we can then profile and grade them.

Benefits for monitoring the existing customers:

  • Less Advertising Cost
  • High Customer Satisfaction = High Company Reputation
  • Helpful on product expansion
  • Increase number of transactions.

“Acquiring New Customers Is Important, But Retaining Them Accelerates Profitable Growth.” Larry Myler (2016) Founder and CEO of By Monday

The next section will show the details on how you can use NAV to set them the Profiling questionnaires and let the system populate the data for further analysis.

Steps to setup the Profile Questionnaires in the NAV

Step 1: Go to the search engine and open the Profile Questionnaires. Click New to create a new Profile Questionnaires.

Step 2: Select the specific questionnaire and Click Edit Questionnaire Setup


Step 3: User define how to differentiate the Customer Grade by fill in the range. (Sample Setup)  

Step 3: Home Tab > Question Details.

  • Tick Auto Contact Classification.
  • User to define either classification the contact by Sales, Profit or etc.
  • Insert the Starting Date and Ending Date formula based on the user requirement.
  • Choose the Classification Method accordingly.


Current Month Sales

Starting Date Formula: CM-1M+1D

Ending Date Formula: CM

Last Month Sales

Starting Date Formula: CM-2M+1D

Ending Date Formula: CM-1M

Current Year Sales

Starting Date Formula: CY-1Y+1D

Ending Date Formula: CY

Last Year Sales

Starting Date Formula: CY-2Y+1D

Ending Date Formula: CY-1Y


Step 4: Go to the Actions Tab > Update Classification. The No. of Contacts will be update accordingly.

*No. of contacts will be updated base on the Sales (LCY) in the Customer Ledger Entries.

Sample Result

User might either review the ending result from the No. of Contacts of Profile Questionnaire Setup or from the Profile Questionnaire Tab in the Contact Card.

No. of Contacts of Profile Questionnaire Setup


Profile Questionnaire Tab in the Contact Card

Once the Contact Card had be graded, it will be helpful for the user to define their target customers for the next campaign or event. For example, user might offer a special discount rate as a reward for those customers with highest grading. On the other hand, user might also define specific marketing strategies to deal with customers in different grade.

*User can also define your own questions that you found it is important for your company operations.

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