Automate Reports with Jet Scheduler & Email Setup for Jet Hub: SMTP Configuration

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Automate Reports with Jet Scheduler Email Setup for Jet Hub: SMTP Configuration


TARGET AUDIENCE: Jet Reports Technical users.


SMTP is the protocol used for sending e-mail over the Internet. Your e-mail client (such as Outlook, Eudora, or Mac OS X Mail) uses SMTP to send a message to the mail server, and the mail server uses SMTP to relay that message to the correct receiving mail server. SMTP is a set of commands that authenticate and direct the transfer of electronic mail. When configuring the settings for your e-mail program, you usually need to set the SMTP server to your local Internet Service Provider’s SMTP settings (i.e. “”).

In here, SMTP configuration is done in JET Hub in order to share the reports through email via Jet Scheduler.



Using the Scheduler feature of Jet Hub, you can easily set one or more of your Jet reports to run on a monthly, weekly, daily, or even more frequent basis and be distributed via email.



Access anywhere – you can create and manage your scheduled tasks from any internet-connected device through a simple web browser

Fast to configureThis web-based scheduler is very simple to configure – an admin can supply the SMTP settings and the configuration is done. The scheduler works 24/7 on the server – so there are no user permissions to configure on your local computer.



Users are able to access the Report though Email.



The following steps illustrates how to configure SMTP settings in Jet Hub.

  1. Login to Jet Hub:

Figure 1: Login to Jet Hub


  1. Access to settings in Jet Hub:

Figure 2: Access to setting in Jet Hub


  1. Select Email -> configure the Email settings
  • Admin configuration

Administrators are able to configure both the SMTP and Email account settings

Figure 3 & 4: Configure Email setting by clicking “Email” on the left panel Check “User SSL encryption” if SMTP use encryption


  • Non-Admin configuration

Non-administrative users can configure those settings which apply to their individual email account

Figure 5: Individual email account setting for Non-administrative users.


  1. Save and Test the Email configuration Settings
  • Save the configuration and then select test to verify the settings.

Figure 6: Select “Test” on the top left panel to send test email


Figure 7: Enter email address which you want to send the test email


Figure 8: Once the test email had been sent



If the configuration is correct you will be able to receive the following email or else check the settings again.

Figure 9: Successfully receive test email




The following steps illustrates how to configure Scheduler in Jet Hub.

  1. After signing into Jet Hub, select schedule from the Switcher Menu

Figure 10: Click “9-dot button” to reveal “Scheduler”


  1. Select New Task from the action panel at the top of the screen

Figure 11: Click “New Task” on the top left


  1. On the Schedule tab, set the basic options for your task and then “SAVE”

Figure 12: Schedule option after clicking “New Task”


  1. Next, move to the Reports tab and use the Add report, pull-down to select the specific report(s) you want for this task and then “SAVE”

*** Note: In here Multiple reports can be selected. ***

Figure 13: Select report you want to schedule


  1. The select report will be displayed along with the associated report parameters

Figure 14:  The scheduled report displayed with report option


  1. Next select EMAIL distribution and enter To, From and Body as required and then “SAVE”

Figure 15 Select recipients of email in “Email Distribution” tab


  1. Once the configuration is done, the job will be available in scheduler Task List.

Figure 16 The recurring task will be shown in “Scheduler” once enabled


Now, a task had been successfully created in Scheduler. As a conclusion, the Scheduler in Jet Hub can help you to reduce your workload by scheduling recurring daily, weekly or monthly tasks. The scheduler also has the ability to send you reports through email which you can access your report anywhere, anytime with any web browser to give you an insight of your business.


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