Top 3 Cloud ERP & Digital Transformation predictions in 2020

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Happy New Year1-Jan-2020
Happy Lunar New Year25-Jan-2020
It’s the new year and it’s the new year prediction again. In the Digital era, what are the 3 top Cloud ERP & Digital Transformation predictions for the New Year ?
According to Acumatica’s CEO Jon Roskill, the Top trends for Digital Transformation for year-2020 would be:

1.      Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML)

Possible applications would include analysing customer credit history and risk analysis, chatbots to reduce front-office staffing, pin-point the co-relation between a rise or dip in sales function etc…

2.      Cloud ERP – Choosing the right Cloud ERP

There are many factors in choosing the ‘right’ Cloud ERP system, and one factor stands over very critically is the “Data ownership rights”

3.      Cloud ERP growth

This sector will grow the fastest and every major software principal will allocate more resources and money to make the Cloud ERP adoption as affordable as possible.


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