ERP Integration: How to Create a Future-Proof Strategy

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In this inter-connected world, it is inevitable that you would want to integrate your ERP system to other essential best-of-breed applications, be it in-house or external applications. Such inter-connected applications could be CRM, eCommerce, National eInvoice portal, POS, Payroll and others.

What are some of the Key Challenges?
  • Underestimating the complex challenges of ERP resulting in the failure to deliver suitable integration expertise and thus hindering the organization from achieving business goals.

  • Not enough expertise in modern integration capabilities to support new requirements such as multi-cloud integration, citizen developers and an expanding variety of endpoints.
  • Not having the right integration tools and techniques to support new digital innovation goals.

Want to Learn more?
  • Why common ERP integration scenarios may be harmful

  • Integration differences in modern software vs legacy system
  • How to modernize your integration infrastructure

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