Rapid Implementation

Typically an ERP project would take up many months of time and effort to implement. This period of time, though well spent, is very taxing for most companies as daily operational and management of the company is on-going.

CRT has developed a Rapid Implementation Methodology using Microsoft Dynamics Rapid Start tools and process that shorten and streamline the assimilation of Dynamics 365 Business Central. This methodology vastly speed up the time taken to integrate business software projects.

Essentially, by automating and simplifying the recurrent processes in an implementation project, through building standardized configuration packages containing basic and generic setup data, we are able to meet the needs of customers who require shorter and easier implementation times, with less specialized configuration in the early stages of their implementation. Using this standardized approach permits us to create a generic template for your business that can be used to inaugurate software in a shorter period of time, thus allowing your staff to attend to their daily operations with little or no disruption.