Comprehensive “end-to-end” software solution enables Property Managers to simplify and facilitate their routine residential property management functions, assuring property owners that all property units are effectively and uniformly managed.The Property suite of software covers the day-to-day functions of the Property Management of the company.


The Property Sales Management system is designed specifically for the sales, tracking and management of the sales of properties.

The functionalities include:

  • Property Sales Management – Book & Sales
  • Financial Loan Application tracking
  • Progress Billing
  • Property Tracking
  • Supports Strata-titled Project and Landed Properties
  • User-definable reports: Invoice, CN, DN, Receipt, Statement, Reminder Letters, Aging Analysis etc….

The Property Management System is a Strata-property software designed specifically for developers, property managers, joint management bodies, management corporations and residents association.

Property Management System:

  • Strata-Titled property management
  • Conform to JMB/MC reporting requirements
  • Billings and Recurring charges
  • Utility Billing and Data Collection Devices
  • Separate Billing for Owners and Tenants
  • Car Park and Sticker Management
  • Works Order Management
  • Routine management of the properties