The Complete Corporate Performance Management Suite

Build Report by using  BI360. Watch BI360 video below 

With its complete, modern Web and Excel interfaces, BI360 gives your organization the ideal enterprise corporate performance management platform for better and faster decision-making for everything from strategy ,forecasts, budgets, reports, and analysis using comments and automated email updates so that everyone can collaborate seamlessly and stay in the loop, whether you choose to deploy on-premise or in the cloud.



Whether in the office or working remotely, on-premise or cloud, BI 360 Reporting offers you robust, business user friendly financial and operational reporting.



Eliminate the manual planing processes and back – and – forth emails to achieve modern,  dynamic budget and forecasts with self-service BI 360 Planning.



Whether you’re an executive or a coordinator, BI360 Dashboard delivers easy-to-understand insights into the health of your organization, enabling smarter strategy.



Connect the dots of your diverse data source with the BI360 Data warehouse, which allows you to consolidate company information in one easy-to-use and high performance platform.



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